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Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Many dates book up quickly, especially weekends, peak seasons, and holidays. If you KNOW you really want a particular date, make sure to RESERVE or BOOK that date before someone else does. Just putting a HOLD on a date will NOT guarantee you that date. Dates can only be held 7-10 business days without deposit or written commitment before being released. Dates booked 9 months in advance may qualify for an early reservation discount.

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When looking for high-quality entertainment for corporate, academic, family or youth events, you want:

  1. High-quality ENTERTAINMENT that's clean, professional and experienced in front of corporate and family audiences.

    You're not just paying for the show, but for peace of mind. After all, if the performer offends someone in your audience, it makes YOU look bad!

    Clean wholesome entertainment for corporate and family audiences typically costs more than club performers. That's because good wholesome entertainment is harder to find than the average nightclub performer.

  2. You're also looking for a a compelling PERFORMER with a unique act that will grab your audience's attention and keep them on the edge of their seats with a unique and compelling show they will never forget.

  3. Performers who risk physical DANGER and DEATH to perform physical feats and specialized dangerous stunts cost considerably more than other run-of-the-mill entertainers due to the risks, dangers, and special skills involved. With less than a few dozen sword swallowers left in the world, unique high-quality acts are rare and hard to find.

  4. Beyond just good clean, wholesome, unique family ENTERTAINMENT, you're probably looking for a compelling articulate SPEAKER who can also convey a serious MESSAGE with IMPACT - a speaker who can create a profound experience that will get your audience out of their seats, right?

You've got a tough job! Your job is to hire:

  1. A good clean, wholesome ENTERTAINER with wide appeal, great credentials and world-class notoriety who won't offend your audience

  2. A unique PERFORMER who will capture your audience's attention with incredible feats, and keep them on the edge of their seats with an edgy, compelling show they'll never forget, and

  3. an articulate professional SPEAKER with a compelling MESSAGE that will IMPACT your audience in profound ways.

That's a tall order!

There are thousands of club performers around the world, but very few who can put on a unique, family-oriented show that's clean and wholesome for families, yet edgy and compelling enough to captivate adults, keep the audience's attention, and convey a profound message with impact.

There are less than a few dozen professional sword swallowers left in the world today, but there's ONLY ONE who performs clean, world-class Cutting Edge Innertainment that will impact your audience with an entertaining SHOW and profound MESSAGE they'll NEVER FORGET!

Entertaining MINDS for the MOMENT
Impacting LIVES for a LIFETIME!

If you want top-notch quality and the TOP in the field, the BEST always comes with a price. But the VALUE -- the RESULTS, the long-term IMPACT -- and the RETURN on your INVESTMENT is well worth the cost!

Sword swallowing is a rare and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS performance art. Most sword swallowers will not risk their lives for less that $2500, so typical industry fees can often range from $2495-$4985/show, based on demand, plus travel/accomodations.

However, CEI realizes that many businesses or churches are forced to work within limited budgets due to the current economy. We are willing to work with you on creative solutions and do whatever we can to work within your budget constraints to create a win/win situation.

LET US KNOW YOUR BUDGET RANGE so we can try to accommodate you!
We may be able to work out special arrangements or creative solutions for special events, multiple shows, package deals, combined bookings, low-season dates, travel savings, host housing, barter, etc.
Don't just assume we can't work with you!   Let's discuss it and see what we can do together!

If we're unable to help you, we may be able to recommend other quality performers who may be a better fit within your budget.

and we'll do everything we can to work with you.
CEI requires a 50% advance deposit to hold the date.
Events paying the full deposit in advance can receive a discount.
Do you want to receive a 5% discount by paying the full deposit in advance?                              
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